Question about meshes

Hi! I wanted to move my models from unity to roblox studio, but I have a problem with it, for example, doors with windows. Is there any chance that the model will look exactly like the unity? Thank you in advance for any answers!

149397882_263102042132221_803128817757177581_n 150207219_1638628379653864_2298171525227911802_n


From what I can tell, your Unity mesh is just using a handful of basic texture maps. In theory, you’d just have to delete any of the maps currently unsupported by Roblox (height, displacement, world space normal, ambient occulsion, etc.) and just apply the normal, roughness, and alpha map to it with SurfaceAppearance.

You might have some slight differences, but it should be around the same result.

Worst case scenario, you can manually split the model in Blender and use native Roblox materials that you tweak until you get the desired effect.