Question about music distribution


I want my music to only be used in my studio’s games through the official audio uploaded to the roblox website and no other audio to be allowed to be uploaded
Is this down to my label/distributor to handle copyright or can I somehow get it copyrighted on the ROBLOX platform?

I’m not sure what you mean here because your first sentence is already confusing.

Your Music

If you want to upload music, you must either own it( full rights over your music) or have it appropriately licensed. Any copyrighted music will be taken down and you’ll face consequences.

Roblox’s Music

Roblox’s music is free to use, and you have all rights to use it. It’s however owned by Roblox.

Yes, it’s up to your label/ distributor to handle copyright before uploading it to Roblox.

Sound ids can’t be restricted for use by a game and you can’t prevent both others uploading your music or other music being uploaded to your game’s assets. What you can do is file a cease and desist on someone using your music or a DMCA takedown request for unlawful/unpermissive use of your work or other such licensing violations.

You don’t get things copyrighted on the Roblox platform, you handle that on the work itself. Roblox respects the copyright and intellectual property of developers and complies with requests if adequate documentation is provided to act (e.g. DMCA, counter claim, so on).

Thank you for your explanation!

Yes, I do own all the rights to the music because it’s composed and produced by me