Question about new UGC policy

I saw this post in the deepwoken discord:

I couldn’t find this in the tos anywhere. If possible can someone quote this for me? Also I think its fair that we cant use UGC in our games on players to bypass purchasing them but what about NPCs in my game? Am I allowed to use UGC for them?

I also have an ability in my game that lets you disguise as another player. This technically lets you equip UGC you don’t own. Will I be forced to rework this ability because of this?

I also have another move that swaps appearances with everyone around only for a few seconds. Would this be allowed? They technically aren’t fully “wearing” the UGC in a way that bypasses purchasing it since its only for a few seconds for this swap move.

Also ROBLOX literally has a gear that lets you swap appearances with another player and breaks this rule.

I don’t believe it’s been placed in the TOS yet since it’s not being enforced yet. Experiences using Marketplace Items - Policy update was posted today in #updates:announcements and I suppose that’s what that Discord message is referring to. You can check out that topic to see what people are theorizing and if any confirmations are made by staff. It seems it mostly applies to experiences that focus on avatar customization. I doubt appearance swaps really challenge that policy but you should probably confirm yourself if someone else hasn’t already.