Question about possible smoothing techniques for viewmodel animation

Currently, I have this viewmodel arm that looks in the direction of your camera every frame. Only thing, is that it’s immediate. There’s no lerp or animation method being used, which may look unnatural.

I tried adding an animation to it, however it looked choppy regardless of however I tried doing it. I’m pretty sure this was from fluctuations in frame rate possibly.

I used lerp along with delta time to animate it to the target CFrame (which is the camera facing direction)

I thought initially this might be some sort of delay caused from welded parts to the viewmodel, but after I conducted a test on a normal brick that wasn’t welded, it behaved in the same way, which leads me to believe this is from frame rate fluctuation.

Is there anything I can do to try to smoothen the animation so it looks more consistent? Thought about maybe getting the average of the past 2 frames and using that for the lerp increment value, but I’m not sure.


u could try doing and a heartbeat loop as it will give delayed smooth like effect

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I do appreciate your response, although I don’t think this is what I need.

Heartbeat also fires after the physics simulation, which in theory would yield an even greater fluctuation in frame rate, causing increased animation stutter.

oh i didn’t know i used it in 3 things and felt no diffrence but it could be cuz of ussing a high end device

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You didnt seem to mention springs, so springs.

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