Question about remoteevents

Hi, i have a question, lets say a player joins and then a remotevent is triggered to fireclient to the player, however if the player’s client hasn’t fully loaded and they’re slowly loading, would the localscript still pick up the remoteevent with onclientevent after the player’s client is loaded or would the fireclient be missed or is there some sort of yield queue that would wait till the client is fully loaded?

E.g. in a more algorithmic sense:

Player Join → FireClient - > Player’s client scripts aren’t fully loaded and player is slowly loading → will they still pick up the fireclient or is that request completely missed

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well depending on what you are trying to achieve here technically the fire would just yield forever if the scrips are not loaded but there are ways to wait like PlayerAdded > CharacterAdded = Everything on the player will be loaded in 99.99% of the time when using those checks

Short answer: The event will be missed in some cases.

Long answer: The game.Players.PlayerAdded event fires when a player enters the game, so you cannot say for sure that the player has fully loaded yet when firing the event.

A solution would be to use player.CharacterAdded:wait() before firing the event to make sure that the player has fully loaded.

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Pretty much what I said but my wording is not there :smile: