Question About Roblox Injury Moderation

Hello! After finally getting into the dev forums, I have a question about Moderation.

I want to add a Medical GUI like shown below to my game:

The character itself has no gore (So the only injuries are written in text), but I’m not sure if the names of injuries are not allowed on Roblox. As in, if I have these injuries in my medical UI, would my game be taken down?

Examples of Injuries I’m talking about are below:


Blunt Force Trauma
Blood Loss
Internal Damage
Brain Hemorrhage

Now again, these wouldn’t have any animations or gore, just their name in a Textbox in a UI.

What names, if any, should I avoid on Roblox? Thanks for reading.


If Broken Bones IV - Roblox can do it - I’m 99.99% sure you can aswell

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