Question about scripting

Well, I decided to start training scripts, well it is very confusing and I have 2 questions that may seem silly,

  1. Do you write down a certain script to use it at a certain time?
    Or do you just remember him?

  2. When you need to script something, but don’t know how, where are you looking?

Thanks for listening.

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This website is a good way to find out how to do stuff. Also, things like YouTube and development discords help with trying to learn stuff. You can also go to to learn about how different things work.

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  1. I just remember the scripts and if I get stuck on something I either look at my other scripts or 2, look in the tool box.
  2. I look mostly on Google or in the toolbox(Another option is to look at scripts you made similar to it and use that as your reference).
    Hope this helps!

Scripting to me is like building a house. You learn the basics of Lua, then the Roblox API, then other stuff. The only things that I really memorize are the foundations, not really entire scripts.

The hard part about learning scripting is that typically people at the beginning don’t really know how to ask the question they want answered (asking “how to make x” is less helpful compared to “how do I use this service in this system?”) Asking better questions makes places like Google and the DevForum much more helpful.

There’s also the DeveloperWiki, which is a great place to look back to if you’re unsure how to do something. Scripting isn’t a test - you don’t need to memorize exactly what you need to input into a method.

Hope this helped!

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I would say in general, the whole point of scripting/programming is to be able to quickly internalize how you could generally solve any problem, albeit not the most efficient way.

  1. Normally it’s good to have snippets of code saved somewhere that you use often, so you can quickly paste it into place, but you should find more efficient solutions if possible. Why continuously write the same loop through a table to find a value when you can just save the general code somewhere?
  2. As I stated, I feel the whole point of programming is to know what you generally should do, but if you’re unsure then you simply ask around. Google terms related or in the case of Roblox, check the wiki. It’s good to skim all services and view as many properties and functions/methods/events as you can find to broaden your ability to internalize solutions.

The more you expose yourself to the unusual, the more you’ll learn and be able to do. Sure it may seem difficult to program foot-planting or inverse kinematics to a rig, but you’ll definitely learn something whether or not you complete your goal.
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When scripting, there are many objects in a game, such as a part. Each object has its own properties, functions, and events. In addition to these objects, there are things such as functions, if statements, and loops. When you incorporate objects, their properties/functions, and other aspects of Lua, you can create a game.
You don’t simply memorize a script that is used at a certain time. Scripting is like a jigsaw puzzle. You have the final product, you have the pieces, but you have to figure out how to put these pieces together to create the product of the puzzle. In other words, there aren’t scripts that you memorize and use but you make them completely on your own.
Because of this, scripting requires you to be creative with how you’ll make something. On the occasion that you don’t know how to make something, it’s helpful to think of the little steps that you’ll take to create the big product. You don’t always have a perfect plan to how you’re going to create what you want to make, but you should have an idea by just taking time to think on your own. If you’re really stuck with how you’ll make something, you should post it here, on the Dev Forum, so others can help you. Many times, your script won’t work and you’ll get an error message that you simply can’t solve because your script seems to be flawless.

If there are certain things that you don’t know about, such as objects or events, looking at the Roblox Dev Hub is great for that sort of thing.

  1. If the module I wrote was a framework that maybe useful in a lot of games, such as a data manager module, then yes I use that at a certain time in future maybe. No I don’t memorize any scripts, only the syntax. Scripting is much like Math, you can memorize it but the thing is you will get confused then even if you have a similar problem although in a different angle. Once you are actually experienced in it, the syntax and stuff just comes to you naturally.

  2. First you need to know what you want to do, and then know what all you have to use to create that. Then use the devhub API Reference & questions on devforum if you face any problems.

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Answering 2, I look here, on devforum. I usually ask my scripting partner, or I just try to figure out a way.

Remembering scripts, I always need to. Simple scripts like opening a GUI, I just remember. I use that all the time, and 90% of games have a UI, and all of them need to open (Depends if its a button though), So I always do A MouseButton1Down:Connect(Function() and I always remember how to do it, because I use it so much.

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