Question about StreamingEnabled

Hey, and thanks for reading in advance.

I’m helping a friend out with his love-letter game to the original Outbreak Survival, and we’re applying the finishing touches to the starting lobby. The goal in making the new lobby was immersion - we’re using remotes to have clients change their lighting locally so those in the lobby see a foggy, starry night at the campsite and players in-game see all the lighting changes made to suit the map separately. That said, at present you can still see the main lobby if you zoom out at the correct angle during play, as shown here:

As I understand it, using StreamingEnabled would prevent clients from rendering things that are far away (as well as preventing them from existing locally in any capacity).

If I choose to use SE, would players that join mid-round (and end up as zombies) be able to see the map? Do objects that are removed via SE reappear when the camera is within the minimum distance? Consequently, if we add a freecam spectate, would lobby spectators be able to view the map and players despite the distance between them?

  1. No, they would not see the map. Streaming enabled makes it so all clients can’t render objects if the camera is a certain distance away.

  2. Yes, with streaming enabled, objects come back into view when the camera is at the minimum distance.

  3. Any type of camera is affected by streaming enabled.

Please also be aware that I believe StreamingEnabled is based on the character’s position, not the camera’s position.