Question about the marketplace API

I was wondering about the marketplace API to get the price of a specific roblox item. For this example I will be using item 9254254 (rubber duckie)

I want to see the current best price for this item with the API, you can see the best price in a private window without an account logged in, so I know its possible without an account cookie, however the only link I could find that references any sort of price is this. However there you need a cookie. If anyone could find an API link that has the best price of an item without a cookie needed that would be very helpful.

I have looked for around an hour for any link with a price for an item with no cookie needed, however I couldn’t find it anywhere.


You can see which requests are made on a website with the network tab in the dev tools(inspect)

I tried looking for around an hour maybe, no luck

Which browser are you using and which version

im currently using firefox 114.0.2

I found this API EconomyAPI and when I go on that catalog item there is a request to this site EconomyAPIReSaleData

I am using the same browser are you sure you are using it correctly

I also found that ui, it only contains the rap of the item and previous sales, im looking for the current price of the item, which is at found here at data → 0, cant access it without a cookie though /:

This should be it Link

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Thanks, it works fantastic, is there any type of rate limiting rules i have to follow for this link?

I am not sure as I am not familiar with Roblox’s web API

i dont think it would matter too much because there are no identifiers of who is using it (no cookie needed)

There 100% is a rate limit because no client would get the same link a lot of times do a max of 60 per minute to be safe

yeah im also pretty sure if you spam it from the same ip it goes access denied for a few minutes (just tested gives a code 0 too many requests)

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