Question about this AI Image

Hello, I am trying to use an AI generated Images for my MMORPG game. Some examples of the Images are down below. I am using the Image to represent what I call “Genes.” The name is related to the lore or our game. But the main purpose of using the image is similar to “Artifacts” in Genshin Impact, or more specifically like “Memories” in Punishing Gray Raven.

I was wondering what you guys think about adding these types of images to my game. My game is Rated 13+ and I was curious if these images are safe to use. More importantly the first Image. I know that chests are a natural feature of all women (and some Roblox models have them), but I was wondering if the 13+ Roblox Audience is mature enough to accept their existence in Roblox. Or on the other side, if Roblox considers these images acceptable?


  • First reason why I completely wouldn’t do this: Roblox doesn’t allow anything on their platform that a child couldn’t see. It doesn’t matter if the game is 13+ or 18+ Roblox doesn’t care. If a child can’t click on and play your game without being traumatized, don’t post it…

  • My second reason is copyright: It’s a little-known fact that all AI-generated images are copyrighted, no matter what you use, all of them piece together something. I wouldn’t want Roblox’s moderation bot to find something similar and DMCA strikes you…

Sorry if this is all daunting, but I’m probably the first of many who’ll say something similar.


Hmmm I see, thats good to know.

Also, I was just wondering how is seeing a woman traumatizing or is that not what you mean?

I think this should be fine! Many kids are exposed to images like these, and anime characters usually have chests like these. If they complain then they are just complaining about somewhat real-looking women’s chests being too “sexual”

The word traumatizing may not have been the right word for my response. I was really trying to say anything that a child might be scared of and an adult report.

More so a problem with adults overreacting; I mean christ, theres 8 year olds that play gta 5 now…

+1 to this.
Gotta agree, like yeah sure “think of the children” but the more major issues stem from helicopter parents.

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Hi deltact lol what a coincidence seeing you here. Anyways these images are all over the toolbox, roblox woman rthros, games such as Arena Tower Defense, Neon Knights. I don’t see the issue with fully clothed characters. I do agree however AI generated images sometimes get a little quirky at nigh- you get the point since they were trained on copyrighted art with “sus” images sometimes without the creator’s permission. HOWEVER Corridor video: ANIME ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS - YouTube showed us that we could achive a “stable image” generated by AI. So it is possible for you to hire safe for work artist that are ok with their work being used for AI generation and use those as a reference for any generation to get the consistant + safe looking images AND copyright free! since they are using references provided by yourself.

young people watch anime a lot these days , so i don’t thing these body types are something new to them.
im more concerned about the quality of images , the last one is just straight up wonky, first one looks like its a face melting , third one has an extra black band attached to god knows what.
lastly the artstyle is so inconsistent , at least make sure you can work on it
ik this is ai but my eyes are not skipping over these silly mistakes

AI has some questionable copyright, some people say that no AI art should be copyrighted, which I agree with partially, since the concept of making a character still falls on you. I’d say the output isn’t copyrightable by you but if we’re talking about making an original character, all illustrations from AI shouldn’t be copyrighted but the OC concept theoretically should.

That’s still bending the copyright rules but eh, AI is dubious on it’s own. Another side of the same coin is that all AI content copyright should fall to the AI creator, such as if you’re using a model that someone else trained, then automatically that developer who trained the neural network has ownership which I sort of agree and disagree. There’s no clear way to address AI copyright honestly but the best compromise would be as I said, the output isn’t copyrighted but the concept held under some sort of copyright power ATLEAST.

Moving on though I would recommend people either train their own models with their own inputs (but still dubious at best since the inputs is 99% copyrighted content they do not have the rights to) or use the common AI generation models that exist out there as a learning tool, many artists are using AI generations to learn shading, anatomy (why) and general fundamentals without having to look for them.

AI generation streamlines the learning process by generating what. you. need!
But with all good things there’s the bad side to using such a great tool.

I’d suggest dropping the anime style entirely since not everyone enjoys it and go for a more conventional approach of cartoons or… (get this) …actual artists that don’t draw anime if possible when making a game to cater to the largest audience, trust me before I got used to the anime style I hated seeing it…

In general, all AI generations fall under a weird gray zone when it comes to using them as assets in a monetized game, other than for personal or non-profit endeavors I would discourage AI use.


In the eyes of copyright law (At least U.S copyright.) AI generated images would be in the public domain due to the computer-generated nature of them and lack of a human author.

here is the thing , there are some great artstyles that are a mix of cartoony and anime artstyles such as hanabushi (these drawing are not mine are only meant as an example)

while MMORPGs always use anime artstyles ,roblox’s 2D art always comes in a form of a cartoony style.
a game style should be a bit unique , so its better to do a little mix between mmos and roblox, its gonna look pretty intresting if done correctly.


This is so underrated!!!
Sure, most style combos still majorly pivot around the emphasized anatomy of anime (enlarged eyes, lack of facial features) because anime in itself is in general meant to provoke at the definition of cuteness, that’s what [I believe] defines the anime style.
When everyone’s doing it though, it’s anything but cute.

A combination of art styles is such an underrated practice because people tend to gravitate towards what’s tried and true. Safe bets basically. GFX is used everywhere on roblox- just look at the front page.

We need more of this! Funnel the experimentation 'till something works damn it!
(And observe as 78 other development studios copy your successful style)

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LOL , but here is the not so fun part , op is an amateur at ai
have three choices : finding a good 2D artist
OR an somebody who knows how to generate ai artwork
OR to get gud

Are you sure? Where did you see that?

Why do you even want to add anime images to your game.

My wording was weird. But they include copyrighted material thus meaning that they can’t be copyrighted. I also believe that before you respond sarcastically, you should look from a different view to see what I meant.

Getting skilled in AI prompting changes nothing, yeah you can get better outputs but that still keeps your game questionable.

As I said earlier, if possible do seek out real artists, they can cater to your needs down to the T and you contribute to society by keeping a healthy economy going.
To use AI as a tool instead of a means to an end, education or personal enjoyment instead of asset creation. I’ve worked on countless AI works and I can say that while my skill in AI prompting isn’t the best, much rather it’s rookie, I can produce crispy clear results that could be used in asset making.

Example below;

This image is not upscaled so outlines are up for scrutiny.
AI example used for personal use, not commercial.

This thread mostly boils down to moral and intellectual rights, not skill in AI. This is not a competition.

god , this awfully confusing , my eyes do not like it
i agree on the personal enjoyment part , i mean new tech is out , so why not have fun?
but when it comes to jobs and such , that where i can draw my line at least.
if people want to replace artists with AI , then we can replace programmers with it too
and you can see where that can go…

That’s what it means to use AI, general concept is acceptable but details like anatomy are thrown out the window. It’s chaotic, don’t try to analyze the background too much, just squint enough to get the general scope of the AI image.

Back to automation:

Like yeah we can replace programmers and artists and any human labor with AI but what purpose would that serve? Art and programming can both be jobs but at the same time they are also recreational hobbies.
Infact, they started out AS recreational hobbies.

Automating a past-time doesn’t seem that logical to me personally. Artists start drawing from inspiration or for their own enjoyment but then later on in life can accept commissions in order to make their efforts and experience worthwhile, hustling you know?
It was never really the objective to make money from the start, it just happened to be a possible option later down the line.

My argument really boils down to; For what purpose? I really struggle to see benefits or why it would be sensible to go down that pessimistic route…
For the same reason we still burn coal despite having nuclear power plant technology.