Question about this Camera Bobbing Method

Hi, I mainly just have a Question on this Camera Bobbing Method:

So with this , The CurrentTime is tick(), but what happens when tick() increases?

overtime it will Change every second and when it does, Will it Affect the Camera Bobbing?

Script as an Example:

local CurrentTime = tick() -- This Thing that began at 1970/1/1

if Humanoid.MoveDirection.Magnitude > 0 then
   local X = math.cos(CurrentTime * 10) * .25
   local Y = math.abs(math.sin(CurrentTime * 10) * .25

   local B =,Y,0)

   Humanoid.CameraOffset = Humanoid.CameraOffset:Lerp(B, .25)
   Humanoid.CameraOffset = Humanoid.CameraOffset * .75

IIRC tick has millisecond resolution so no, not once every second but 1000 times every second. Yes that affects camera bobbing, but not in a bad way. E.g. your camera bobbing won’t be different from day to day or year to year or something like that, because the time is used as a parameter to cyclic functions (sin and cos)

Sorry for late Response, I guess I’ll take this.

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