Question about this one image when loading during testing game

when loading during testing game in studio i get a paragraph when starting a solo test is this normal or is it new because this used to not be there and i have a blank description for this.

Should i be concerned about this or is there a setting i changed that made this pop up under my place name?

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I’ve seen this in a few other posts. From what I’ve read, its a bug in Studio with the Global Compliance System for China.

It seems to be Roblox’s justification for china’s propaganda to spread on a global scale. It’s oddly specific for it to be classified as a bug.

I’m not against China’s message, I’m against how they’re trying to force their ideologies down our throats without our consent. I fear it’ll only worsen from here if we continue to tolerate this behavior.

Thanks for replying because i thought it seemed odd that all the sudden i get that and im not going to make my game for china i just dont want to =\