Question about uploading SFX's to the creator marketplace

So, you may know that many people have already distributed SFX’s to the creator marketplace yet somehow we can’t or I can’t upload SFX’s to the creator marketplace.

I am always prompt with this message when trying to upload to the creator’s marketplace “Enabling Marketplace is unavailable at this time. Please check back later”. It has been many months since this was still in effect. And most of all, how do other people upload SFX’s to the creator marketplace?

Confused to this point, answers will be very helpful.

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Are you seeing new items added or are all of the non-roblox ones old?

Maybe the ones you are seeing were the ones that existed before the big audio update when they went through and manually re-enabled(made public) the short sounds vs the long ones(songs).

I don’t think there is a way for to make audio public yet no matter if its a sfx or not.

The audio’s seem vaguely new.
For an example, you may search up a meme SFX and you’ll expect to get like one of the newer ones rather than the old ones. :thinking:

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I looked through a bunch of random sounds that weren’t made by Roblox, they’re all old with the same exact update date of May 2, 2022

That must be the date when Roblox went through the catalog and made short SFX public again.


Alright thank you.
I was kinda confused why it was up just for a short time, but who knows.

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