Question About Voicechat

Hello! So I understand voice chat is new, but I want to experiment. Is there a way to detect what a user says in english and make it do something if they say it? Thanks!

Do you mean like animated faces?

No. Like if the user says “hello”, a brick turns invisible.

So like those guess the character, but instead of typing it’s voice chat?

Exactly. Just wondering if thats possible.

I don’t think you are able to script that just yet; Mainly because voice chat was just released.

Yeah. I had an idea for a voice-controlled obby. Well, thanks for the help, hope it releases soon!

I say this because since it was just rolled out, not many people know voice chat codes.

I don’t know if this is your solution though.

I mean, you could even create the first functioning script that activates things with voice chat.

Wish I could. Not sure how I would though.

That’s what makes it more fun and challenging. Just take your knowledge of coding and think about that would make it function.

You could do something like that. But instead with input from their mic. So if they say anything they do something random. Not with a specific phrase.

Yeah. I mean, this is my best bet. Still don’t know how to make it function though.

They disabled all the developer accessible voice chat api, except for checking if a user has voice chat enabled.

How can I see if they have it enabled/learn how to?

Thanks so much! I’ll see what I can do with it to test!

This is the only exposed endpoint and only returns of that user can voice chat (not if they are speaking or not)

I know. I’m assuming its not working as I’m getting an error saying it’s not a valid service.