Question about waits and FPS

I’m a bit confused about this

that means I should use something else like, for example, RenderStepped because RenderStepped doesn’t depend on FPS?

By the way, I am assuming that FPS and framerate refer to the same thing in this case, or am I wrong?


Yeah fps means frames per second. This is what I believe the quote was talking about with using wait() a lot, in an infinite loop where you need to run code constantly very fast:

The solution is yeah RunService wait through this wait module.

However this is false:

Quick Google search will tell you why in this devhub article.

The RenderStepped event fires every frame,

So yeah it’s framerate dependent. Even though it’s framerate dependent it’s still faster than wait() since wait() is old engine tech where Roblox runs at 30 HZ from this article by evaera who is a lot more experienced than me.

spawn, delay, and wait are all artifacts from Roblox’s 30hz pipeline, and they don’t resume at a consistent rate. In fact, there is no guarantee that they will ever resume at all

It gets a lot more complicated like both wait and RunService wait not being able to exactly gurantee the timing for when code runs without some inaccuracies which is why there is the suggestion to use delta time to record those inaccuracies and account them in your code.

TL;DR, summing it up answering the primary question.