Question about xbox support: Keyboard

Greetings! I am finally enabling Xbox support for Bloxy Kart. I just have 1 question.

I created this keyboard, and I am not having luck with it.

Does the Xbox OS have a keyboard on it that pops up when a text box is focused? Or do I need to make my own alternative?

I would like to know so I do not need to make keyboard support, as I do not have an xbox myself. Just a controller (For a Nintendo Switch)

Thanks in advance!

A post similar to this exists, here.
As @Cindering mentioned in that thread, console’s osk popups up if any TextBox is selected using the UI navigation controls.

Alright, thanks. I do not feel like buying an xbox, so my laptop and Switch controller will have to do for now.

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I’m the same as you. No Xbox, but a third party controller that works with roblox.

However, my cousin has an Xbox and from what I’ve seen, roblox has their own Xbox keyboard that’s built into every game unless you tell it to use yours.

This info might be wrong since we didn’t play roblox that much, but I’m pretty sure I’m right.

Also, you can just make the text box with no keyboard. Then play roblox on your computer but connect a controller, roblox recognizes most controllers (my 8bitdo one worked but not joycons without extra coding in my game) and it should work if you click the text box. Make sure to try it in other games too though just to make sure.

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