Question: Do I need Motor6Ds to animate?

I’m about to try animating some things, and I just wondered if I need motor6Ds to animate. I don’t really need to animate things dependent on each other, so if I don’t need them I won’t waste my time using them.
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Well it depends what you mean by “animate”. If you’re talking about animating anything using any standard Roblox animation objects (AnimationTracks), the animation editor, or a third party like moon animator, then yes, Motor6Ds are necessary as they are the only joints that allow for animation without significant manual intervention. There isn’t an alternative unless you were to recreate a whole separate animation system, but at that point it’s going to be significantly less performant than using M6Ds, and it’s going to take waaay more time than it would take to rig anything using motor 6ds.

If you’re talking about animating a skinned mesh, then you would use bones but you’d still have to make an armature manually in which ever modelling software you use. But they achieve the same thing as Motor6Ds, such that they grant you the ability to animate them using an animation editor.

If you’re talking about something like interpolating a property of a part, then no you wouldn’t need Motor6Ds.

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