Question for UI designers!

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I have a simple question about GUIs. How would you make those buttons work in-game, export them separately? How do you make the title change in-game? Finally, how do you import those panels, separately?



Sorry for using your design for a reference, Crykee.


I would say you have to script it.

I see some UIs have non roblox fonts, how is this accomplished?

would you explain that more then i will prob know,

See the button in the image? How do you make that work, I know you have to script it but the button was not made in Roblox so how do make it work? Do you export the button separately and put it in an image label?

See the text in the box? How do you change the text in-studio if it was exported like that?

i think you have to have everything seperated then export them seperated, see if this works,

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Put the image into an “Image Button” object. Should work like a button but with an image in it instead of text.

It’s cus they were imported like that. If you see text like that but animated, it’s probably cus they used a sprite sheet to animate it.

Make sure to export everything separately!

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