[Question] Free models

I like building things myself, but i’d like to know what the problem is with using free models. (If you credit them and there’s not a virus in them). I see people making fun of places for having free models and I don’t see the problem.


Free models are there to be used, it’s kinda silly to mock games for using them. However, there is a bit of a problem when it comes to smoothly incorporating them into your game–if you pick a chair model and a table model at random, chances are they’ll be very different style and scale wise. It can be done well, but it can also look blatantly copy-pasted.

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I don’t know people just dislike them because they include no work whatsoever and some can literally
make people gain access to your game i heard


Some of them include no work* and you just need to be careful about those models.

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