[Question] Hero Shooter?

Has anyone ever tried to create a hero shooter like Overwatch? It has intrigued me that we have games like Phantom Forces and Elemental Backgrounds, but no main stream hero shooters?

Is there something that prevents this from becoming a reality on Roblox ? Maybe something like excessive server/client lag or too big a game to tackle on Roblox.

I don’t know, I just thought it would be a good game idea that no one has really successfully executed into mainstream Roblox.

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Two possibilities to consider:

  • The demographics (in terms of age) are fairly different between Roblox and Overwatch. It’s possible that the vast majority of Roblox players are not in the right age range for an Overwatch-like game. Especially when there are more convenient pick-up-and-play FPS’s on the front page.
  • Not enough devs working on the genre, or at least not the devs who could bring such a difficult contept to its full potential. It’s possible that the more experienced devs don’t see the genre as profitable, or they may simply have no interest in it (Overwatch has been declining over time).

Neither of these are definitive answers, but they may help explain why there aren’t any hero shooters on the front page.

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There is a game called Typical Colors 2 that is like Team Fortress 2 which has characters you choose from.

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