Question, How Good Is This Group Icon? Vol.1

Hi, I made This Group Icon for JJBOOM Group The BOOM group, How good do you think this is?

  • Looks Great
  • It needs A little Something
  • You need to Completely change it
  • Wow Just Wow

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I Hope I get Good Answers.


If you say “It Needs A Little Something” What does it need?

Big fan, it is really unique looking and I haven’t seen any logos like that (for a group) in Roblox before. Looks awesome!


Thank you so Much @CharlieValognas

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Someone Said “You Need to Completely Change It”, Why?

I answered “A Little Something”. This vote can change. Honestly if your going for a Retro-Roblox kind of look then you nailed it. But if you don’t, then I would “Polish it”. Basically I would smooth the circles a bit, and add a variation in color. For example, the darker black for the shaded part with no light, and a lighter part up-top on the bomb for the part with light. I would also straighten the lines on the star but this wouldn’t be that important. Kind of maybe not use as-sharp of colors. Again idk ur style.

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Yeah I’m Trying to Make A Retro Style Group Icon.

Oh… Well in that case, its a 10/10. Definitely brings back nostalgia. :smiley:

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To: Everyone. What does It Need?

I like the style; it’s something I’ve rarely seen in Roblox game icons. The only things that look off to me are the two small bombs on the left; if you either remove them or scatter them around the large one instead of having them come in a straight line, I think the logo will look less crowded.

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I really like it! I haven’t seen an icon like this before so I think it stands out in a good way.

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art style good

colors are lacking, have the main focus be more vibrant and make the background a different more neutral color

some of the geometry looks a bit off, I would especially improve the biggest bomb because the the tip of it doesnt seem to be centered or lining up with perspective

group icons are also confined into a very tiny space, I can read most of the stuff in this image when its in this size but keep in mind some of it might be lost in translation when squeezed in a tight space

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Some highlighting will definitely go a long way, look at the improvements.
Yes, you can use the highlighted version if you want, though it’s not very high quality. Recommend making one yourself with more detail.

Hey, @AIIusi_onist, it’s a little Blurry.

Great logo, honestly. It’s very unique!
Something I’d change is just to make it look higher quality, in a way.
Try making the circles for the bomb completely round/a perfect shape. Maybe thickening the outline could look good aswell!

this looks very unique

i never see pixelated group icons

And I quote,
“ you can use the highlighted version if you want, though it’s not very high quality. Recommend making one yourself with more detail. “