Question, How Would I Make A Object Move Via Script?

I Need Some Help on moving an Object Via Script (As the Title Says) I tried this:

Local Part = game.Workspace:WaitForChild("Part")
Part.Position = (--X,Y,Z Numbers Here)

But Nothing Works, All Answers help.

Part.Position =,0,0)
You need to use Vector3 for this.

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So to do this basically there some key concepts you need to understand

local Part = game.Workspace:WaitForChild("Part") -- we do this to find the part

Part.Position =,y,z) vector3 is nearly always used in 3d positioning

but Vector2 or Udim2 is nearly always used in 2d position

Vector3 is 3 axis, X Y Z,Y,Z) is how you can type the XYZ for example is basically, the position, (1,1,1),1,1)
Vector2 uses 2 axis, you can see the name
X and Y
this is for GUI and positioning 2d elementz,0) – position (0,0)

Part.Position =
    XPosition here,
    YPosition here,
    ZPosition here

Also, How would I Check the X Position In a if Statement?

if Part.Position.X >= 1 then
Try doing that. You want to avoid doing == because positions aren’t always accurate.

Also How would I Make it always move, Do I do it like this:

while true do
    --Move X Code

Yeah, but you need a task.wait() so it doesn’t crash the game.

task.wait(), or wait(). :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

task.wait if you don’t need the elapsed parameter.