[Question] How would I stop a bowling ball from bouncing?

Hello, apologies if this is supposed to be in Building, not sure where it would fit.

How would I stop a bowling ball bouncing when hitting the floor?
These are the current PhysicalProperties i’m using:

local friction = .6
local elasticity = 0
local frictionWeight = 3
local elasticityWeight = 75

I haven’t tested this specific problem, but from my experience I think this might work. Ok so what I think you should try is to add a BodyVelocity to the ball and set the MaxForce of the BodyVelocity to 0,4000,0, then set the velocity to -y (y is how fast you want the velocity to move down). This should make it continuously move down the y axes but not effect the x or z, which wont effect the rolling of the ball. Again, I haven’t tested this, but I’m PRETTY positive it will work.

I’ll give it a try, thanks for the suggestion!

Unfortunately it kind of affects the physics of the ball, will have to try something else :\

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Oh, if it’s messing with physics too much, try a BodyForce. The BodyForce basically does the same thing as the BodyVelocity, but it’s still effected by things like gravity and outside forces. Try making a BodyForce and setting the Force to 0, 4000, 0 (This is just an example, if it’s too much pressure, just lower the number) and see how that works.


What are the physical properties of your floor?

Whoops, completely forgot about that ahaha.
It’s rather slippery for ball hooking but:


With elasticity weight at 75, the 0 elasticity should still be dominant. But if you want absolutely 0 bounce, having elasticity 0 on both surfaces should do the trick.

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How much bounce are you seeing? And are you sure there are no external forces on the ball?

With those material properties, I’m unable to reproduce any kind of bouncing.

A video or place file may help figure it out if you are still experiencing an issue.

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Quite alot, it’s when you aim the ball directly at the floor with around 150 velocity

This seems to have worked, thankyou so much!