Question on Datastores

Is it possible to datastore roblox models or parts? Basically I’m making a game where you write a message and place down a part and after you leave it stays in the spot. I know that sounds confusing but basically I want it so when you leave the game, the part’s position, string text (message) inside of it will save and load in all servers.

Just to clarify, you want the part to appear in all running servers of the game?

If so, personally I’d utilise an ordered datastore in descending such that when the part is saved, it is given an increasing id. All servers will retrieve the datastore at intervals and compare existing parts to the parts in the datastore to check if any new parts have been added.
With pure lua, you’d have to setAsync to a specified individual so it can be retrieved in all servers.
Of course, saving the part’s details will be done in a table.

Yeah, I want them to appear in all running servers.

Is there an article on cross server loading? I don’t really know much about loading things in different servers. How would I insert the parts into a table?

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You can save the part’s position, rotation, and the text it displays to the datastore. Then, when the server is created, add each part to the map.