Question on devex and limiteds

Ok, so I know you cant sell limiteds for real money. But if you sell it and re invest the Robux into your game for like ads or something, will that deny you the ability to devex profit from your game? It’s just a quick question I had.

I don’t think it will be problematic.

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This is allowed, and I have friends who have done something similar before,

Potentially, don’t quote me on this I also believe it is possible if you sell them, transfer them to funds Here is a tutorial on how to do that without tax then give the payout to yourself, then you would be able to dev ex, I know this definitely works if you are giving the funds to someone else, however it could potentially work if you are giving them to yourself.

Then again, as I said don’t quote me since ive only ever dev-ex with robux directly earnt from equity on games.

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