Question on paragraph 2 of Roblox Name and Logo - Community Usage Guidelines

Hello everyone! I’m here to ask about some advice about Roblox Name and Logo - Community Usage Guidelines (I left a screenshot of it down below.)

Some info, I know that words such as “Blox” and “Roblox” are no longer allowed in the “Titles of any Experiences”, I didn’t see anything on it though about Roblox Groups.

Would I be able to use let’s say the word “Blox” in a group name such as a game studio?

Thanks for any help / advice you leave!

It specified experiences (games) named with blox or ro etc. Seeing as groups are not specified (there) it wouldn’t seem a huge problem.

You should be fine, though I wouldn’t to be on the safe side, or contact support if you would like more information on this.

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The guidelines are clear in stating that the name of your experience should not include any words that Roblox may determine to be similar to their own brand name.

However, to remain on the safe side I think you should informally apply that prohibition to any future groups you intend to make as well.

Clause 2 of those guidelines certainly does not indicate that it applies to groups, but it would apply to experiences created under groups, and (I say this without knowing what your intentions are) an attempt to bypass this prohibition on your experience by making the argument that you were simply naming it after your group probably would not fly with Roblox. They might even revisit their guidelines if you try haha.

The other issue is Clause 3 - it says you cannot use those terms to label your products in hopes of making more profit by riding on the Roblox brand. While this Clause very clearly applies to off-site products, I would argue that it is ambiguous around whether it also applies to on-site products like UGC clothing and accessories (ie can’t sell clothes named “Official Roblox Shirt” etc.). I could be going down a rabbit hole here, but better to be safe than sorry!

I hope this helped :slight_smile:

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