Question on rigid-bodies/physical objects

Hello !

As you probably know, Unity has a physic engine which supports RigidBody, but it’s certainly different.

My objective is to have the closer result of how it interacts, since I’m totally a beginner with physics on Roblox, I don’t really know what to use :confused:

  • BodyForce ?
  • BodyGyro ?
  • BodyPosition ?
  • BodyThrust ?
  • BodyVelocity ?
  • RocketPropulsion ?
  • VectorForce ?

I haven’t found much documentation on that subject, I’m really stuck and lost there…

Thanks for answering

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Isnt a rigidbody in unity kinda like an unanchored brick in roblox unless you’re talking about moving it in which case setting the velocity?

Well, a rigidbody has different physical properties.

For example, we have addRelativeTorque & addRelativeForce, these are working obviously differently, I’m confused on what that really corresponds with our engine

I am indeed wondering on how moving it, but the way Unity is doing it