Question Regarding a Copied Shirt

So recently, I made an awesome uniform for my Marvel-superhero group. Whether you recognize it or not, this is a picture of Korg from the movie "Thor Ragnarok.’


Even more recently, I was looking around other groups for decent clothing and find a group named “Marvel Studios™.” (Link here:!/store) It looked like they had awesome clothing but as I start scrolling through it my Korg Suit was right there, no credit given or anything. I start looking at the group more and I find their description, where it says that
“Marvel Studios is a clothing group based around films made by Marvel Studios. Yes, some of the clothes are “copied”, but those that are is only because the clothes are extremely good, but aren’t for sale. The goal is to give the people of roblox the best clothes instead of drawings of them.”
which I can confirm to be false because the Korg outfit I made had always been on sale. I reached out to the owner and asked him to take it down, and he did, but not long after that he put it right back up and has made it so I am unable to contact him further.

My question is, am I still able to email Roblox and ask that they delete the shirt/pants even though it is based on a copyrighted item?

I’m not sure what topic to put this under so if anyone does know it’d be appreciated if you let me know.

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Unfortunately you can’t. When it comes to clothing designer IP, they don’t have anything that could protect from stealing those. What I recommend is adding a hidden watermark or your brand logo anywhere on the shirt/pants.