Question regarding a game feature

Hello, my name is Fl_ured and I have a question regarding game design. My colleague and I have an idea about using trollies and wheelchairs with restraints, such as in a mental asylum or other similar location. This would not be used to encourage sexual behavior or any other behavior frowned upon in the ROBLOX Terms of Service. Would this be permissible, with the ToS in mind?

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Yes you can create this, Aslong as you keep restrictions to prevent any inappropriate behaviour.

Thank you. I would like to wait for a few other responses before I mark the solution.

I’m sure it wouldn’t be an issue as long as you make it impossible for any sexual interaction between players in this situation.

Just as a secondary comment, don’t title your post “Question regarding a game feature”, since that is so vague and impossible to determine what your post is about.
It’s like asking someone “Can I ask you a question?”, since you already did.

How would a wheelchair encourage sexual interactions?


I’m pretty sure he’s referring to the “with restraints” item.