Question regarding climbing system

Hello, I am developing a game that involves many custom movement mechanics, one of those being a climbing system. I brainstormed an idea and searched on youtube for anything that was similar, I ended up finding this video which is exactly like what i was going for, only problem being… I have no clue how i should go about making this, did he tween the player depending on the keybind? Did he use raycasting or something? Any help would be appreciated.


In a reply to a hateful comment, the uploader says “Try learning more about raycasting and bodygyro before trashing other people’s work.”


I did my best to recreate something close to the climbing system found in the video. It’s still not perfect but it should work good enough for most purposes.

In my implementation, I went with raycasting to check how close the player was to a wall, then used an AlignOrientation and AlignPosition to keep the character “attached” to the wall. I explained in depth how everything works inside the main module.

ClimbingDemo.rbxl (112.1 KB)