Question regarding contracts

I am planning on working on a project and I intend to hire some developers to work with me on my project. However, I don’t want to end up getting scammed or assets from the game being leaked. As a result, I plan to make a contract so that I and the developer can make an agreement.

I got a few questions regarding making a contract:

  1. What if I cancel my project during development? If I do cancel the development, do I need to do anything to compensate the developers?
  2. In the event of someone leaking the model or scamming, what should I do? What happens if the person who done this is in a different country?

If you do use any online sources, please may you link that so that I can refer to it?

I would message roblox support with proof of the contract and they should be able to fix it.

Ok. But if the contract is made and the person has signed it, what if the person scammed me at the last minute. Basically, refusing to give the model or anything similar. What am I meant to do in the situation?

If you cancel the project during development, that is your choice. But in the contract, you’ll need to state whether or not they will be compensated if you cancel.

If someone leaks the model or scams you, contact Roblox support. If its your own model you made and they got it without using something like Team Create or buying it, file a DMCA.

What happens if they are in a different country? It doesn’t really change much.

Remember, a contract is only legally binding if:

  • All parties are 18+ (if not, they must have a parent/guardian sign it with them)
  • Actually has descriptive stuff that would even be considered to be heard in the Court of law

I think there might be more, but I won’t say as I’m not 100 percent sure.

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