Question regarding copyrighting

I have 3 questions (roughly regarding the same topic and may be trivial so apologies)

  1. I have two decals currently in my game i have been designing. The first being a minecraft bookshelf decal and secondly a painting decal (mona lisa) do having decals like this in the game cause any issues in general and furthermore devEx and featuring issues?

  2. Are there issues with using user uploaded clothing/character model items as set skins for custom teams in my game WITHOUT purchasing them ? And secondly do i need to purchase ROBLOX uploaded models/skins to use them in my game?

  3. The name idea for my game i actually came up with around 10 years ago as a minigame for a different game- And from a quick google search its apparent this name is utilised in a board game made a few years ago - However the actual game and its makeup are not the same.
    Will there be any issues regarding copyright with this? (I assume there wont be but just making sure)

I have a feeling the points regarding the 1st and 3rd questions may not be an issue, however i just want to be safe and cover all bases.



You can’t use them and could get your game banned. You’re using someones work.

No, you don’t need to buy anything. If you’re adding a shirt/t-shirt from catalog, it’s better to leave credit for having them. This doesn’t apply to UGC hats and Roblox assets.

That’s not a problem.


Could you suggest any alternatives to paintings, or is the only option to produce the decals yourself? I also assume general bookcase skins are fine alternatives?

Why does this not apply to hats?


It’s the best to use Free-copyright images or create your own.
This doesn’t apply to UGC hats from catalog, because they are a part of Roblox.

How can you tell if an image is copyright free or not? As there are random medeival paintings etc on the toolbox - however I have no clue of their origin.

I can’t tell too. It’s better to create your own assets.

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Im not sure if you will know this, but do you know if ‘royalty free stock photos’ are ok to use as decals on parts?

I don’t think that the Mona Lisa can be copyrighted because there is no one to claim the copyright. The Minecraft bookshelf I’m not sure.