Question regarding Devforum links

I was wondering if we are allowed to post strawpoll links on the DevForum? I’m trying to gather some data for a future game and the DevForum “Voting” feature isn’t giving me enough options.

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Don’t see why not, although the voting option on the forums are fine too, how does strawpoll differ from polls here?

The voting options on the DevForum only allows 2 or 3 options, the strawpoll gives me the 8 that I needed.

You could do more than 2 or 3

~~ uh

  • See
  • You
  • Could
  • Do
  • Up
  • To
  • 8
  • Here!

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Just do

In type just select multiple choice.~~

It also works with single choice.

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Oh… thank you. I tried to do it on here first but for some reason overlooked that option I guess.

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Multiple choice does multiple options and single does one, sorry about that I messed up, multiple answers still work for both.

No, you are not allowed to post strawpoll links.

The off-topic link only applies to the #bulletin-board category, so in short, yes, you are allowed to use Strawpoll but not on #bulletin-board, only on other categories.

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