Question Regarding Roblox's Supposed (future) TOS Update

I’ve heard about a new, huge Roblox update that is coming sometime. I have a question or two about it.


  1. Do we know when this will be released? Does anybody have any sort of idea?

  2. Will games that involve the game “Russian Roulette” be accepted now as long as the age setting rules are followed? (Since, it’s a dangerous way of taking a “gamble” at whether you will be shot or not, for example)

  3. If so for question 2, can somebody who is looking to make that type of game get a head start on it as we speak? So that it is released when such an update is out.

Thanks for any assistance!

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I do not think this is real. In my opinion, I think it is just a hoax for views; ROBLOX is for teenagers for the most part, adults can play if they want, but if they want more mature games they should just go on steam and other platforms. I feel like if they will do this they will lose a good amount of their audience.

I wouldn’t suggest starting an MA game without knowing explicitly that is ready. REMEMBER, THIS WAS NOT MADE BY ROBLOX.

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I see. Thank you for this.

I guess I wouldn’t have thought this update could actually happen if it weren’t for YouTubers uploading videos about that specific tweet.

I thought of an alternative theme to the game I wanted to create so that it doesn’t involve “Russian Roulette” exactly (and it may not be breaking TOS as far as I know). The difference would be there won’t be a gun being held by your character to your own head, but instead you are shot by somebody different if a bottle being spun lands on you for example…

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Maybe . . . have you played the Spinner? Maybe you are put on a board and your head is chopped off? Or something else like a machine kills you.

Yeah, I’ve seen it.

The game I had in mind to create is a bit different. I would have liked to use Russian Roulette if it were allowed, but the spinner idea will work fine.

Although mentioned in RDC 2022, I cannot believe that this would be allowed anytime soon. Also, this will probably only be available for 18+ ages. You still will get these limitations:

  • no swearing.
  • no online dating (DESPITE what the news says, this hasn’t been mentioned yet).
  • absolutely NOTHING to do with drugs.
  • why would you even want to include gore anyways, it’s just lag on a plate.

I’m not sure which ones apply to 13+ or 18+. These exceptions are not yet implemented, and I don’t expect them to ever be in the future.

I see.

Three things:

  • From that tweet, I understood the “dating” feature as ONLY being an option for game devs (like, now players/NPCs can hold hands for example), not sure how true this is but it sounds right because otherwise Roblox seems to just be going against a major rule they’ve had for years.

  • I didn’t originally ask about the tweet because I want “gore”, but because I thought Russian Roulette may be a do-able creation now.

  • Do you know why Roblox Studio is acting up as of 2/25/2023?


I just want to enter Studio.

EDIT: Studio is working again…

because it’s saturday and pet simulator updated.

No. That’s a rumor.

I’m not sure if it’s allowed. The gore sure is if you set it to 13+, but as long as it’s mild.

No chunks of flesh or anything though.

I gotcha, thanks!

Also, that’s really bad that Roblox supposedly goes down like that every large game update (or every Saturday I was told)… It was said that something related happens every Saturday. To me, it seems that it is an issue which should be prioritized more rather than adding new features in here and there and letting a bad crash like that happen often.

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