Question regarding welding unanchored parts to an anchored part

Hello! I recently made a solution to tweening an entire model, which was unanchoring all the parts except the primarypart, then using a weldconstraint to weld them to the primarypart, then I can tween the primarypart’s CFrame, and the whole model tweens with it.

However, how does roblox’s physics engine deal with this? Does it freak out in the background trying to calculate what’s going on or is it a decent solution?

I don’t think it freaks out, that’s the best solution as far as I know. I use this method to tween my models too.

Another tween model solution post

Tweening has nothing to do with physics, but it can impact the server performance if it’s used unrightly.

Thank you for the confirmation!
And thank you for the post, i was unaware of it

Yes but I wasn’t directly talking about the tweening, more of about the physics of unanchored parts welded to an anchored part, but thank you.

Parts welded to another one behave as if they’re anchored, so there’s no “freak out”. There shouldn’t be any concern with the way the physics engine deals with these parts beyond other use cases like querying the part (touches, collisions calculations, so on) - if those are necessary for your system.


Thank you alot for the indepth answer!
That was the answer I was exactly looking for