Questionable UITableLayout behavior

UITableLayout properties .FillEmptySpaceColumns and .FillEmptySpaceRows inconsistently transform UI when changed and may also have inverted behavior

Repro file:
Repro.rbxl (33.5 KB)

UITableLayout location in the explorer:



  1. Toggle FillEmptySpaceRows and see how it affects UI
  2. Leave FillEmptySpaceRows set to true
  3. Toggle FillEmptySpaceColumns and notice that it only changes UI on first toggle - further toggling will not affect the UI.


My UI using UITableLayout looked fine a few weeks ago, but I have a feeling that FillEmptySpaceColumns and FillEmptySpaceRows behaviour was inverted recently - I’m not sure if I’m right about the latter, but UITableLayout behaviour does seem odd at the moment.

Windows 10, CPU i5-11600KF @ 3.90GHz, 32 GB, GeForce GTX 980 Ti


Hi @loleris - thank you for submitting this bug report. It’s possible that this was introduced either with the release of the Automatic Size feature or with some of the recent fixes we’ve made for that feature.

I’ve created a ticket for us to investigate. Thanks again!