Questions about creating a 3d modeling portfolio

One of my questions is what are some good places to host a portfolio? I’ve seen some on the DevForum, Talent Hub and some people have their own websites.

Another question of mine is what are some good things to include in my portfolio if I haven’t contributed to any major projects, and have only done solo things?

My 3rd question (unrelated to portfolios) is if I wanted to find a programming partner for a studio or something, where are some good places to find people?

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I prefer to host my portfolio on my own personal website cuz the Talent Hub makes me feel limited. But with my own website, I’m able to add whatever I want, in whatever style.

If you don’t know HTML or CSS (at the bare minimum), then you could host your portfolio on one of those free website builders like Canva.

Here’s some code snippet I made real quick:

<meta charset=“utf-8”>
My portfolio!
This is my portfolio! Here’s some stuff y’know that I could show you:

Maybe provide models, UI, or just games you’re proud of. It doesn’t really matter if they have much traction; just if it’s something good I guess.

I personally don’t hire anywhere other than the Talent Hub. Prioritize verified users, obviously they can scam too but they usually are more serious.

Make sure to check their portfolio and projects and make sure they’re a reliable person.

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I’m probably going to host it on a website.

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