Questions about Creature Models

Hello! I am looking to make (and actually focus on) a game for the first time, and I’m curious about 3D Models within Roblox, creatures specifically. I have made a dragon model, following a tutorial most of the way, and have a few questions.

For Clarification, this model will NOT be the player. It’s going to be a mount for the player, but it will be part of the main focus of the game.

1. The tutorial I was following involved some steps that seemed strange to me. They involved cutting and solidifying pieces that would be different colors (stripes and spots, mainly). Wouldn’t it be better to use UV Unwraps/Texture painting for what I am doing? I am debating against using an actual customization feature, as I don’t feel like it’ll fit in with the game.

2. When I animate the model, is it better to rig and animate it in Blender, and then export these animations to Roblox? Or would it be safer if I used a different combination of animation/rigging programs?

And this model is the dragon in question. I do have to recreate the model, I messed it up somewhere and don’t have the undos to fix it, but generally this is the idea:

Please let me know if you need any more details!

  1. Yeah UV maps would work especially if you want more fine detail but if your style is more simplistic then separating the details is good too. You don’t have to have a customization system in your game to benefit from having the decorations be different parts. It makes it a lot easier to do recolors as you don’t need to reupload a whole new texture. But if you wanted something other than a bunch of different colored spots, it may be better to uv unrap it. It all depends on how much detail and variety you will need.

  2. You can rig and animate it in blender then export to roblox. There are probably a lot more tutorials on how to do that than a combination of other programs. You could also rig it in Roblox studio. It depends if you want the mesh to deform or not.

If you need any more help I will try my best to provide assistance!

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