Questions about DMCA takedowns / Content Deleted

My game has been recently taken down and put under review not once but two times now. It all started when another developer reported my game for stolen assets, which got the game taken down for review. 3 days later, the game suddenly opened back up. Not even a day later after being opened again, the game got taken down for review again.

I’m not even sure if this is a DMCA takedown as I didn’t get ANY emails from Roblox despite my account being linked to an email. I only received Roblox messages along with a 3 day ban. The ban message was “Do not use the player’s work without their permission. Stealing and posting the work of other users is against Roblox rules and can result in the termination of the account.”

I have a few questions about related to this process so far:

  1. Why do I get banned before they even check for stolen assets? When the game got taken down for review, I received a 3 day ban both times. I’m confused why Roblox bans you BEFORE they even reviewed the game.

  2. Do these count as copyright strikes, and is this even DMCA? I heard if you get 3 strikes, your account gets terminated. I’m very worried about this but not sure if they count as strikes because I don’t know if it’s actually a DMCA takedown or a violating community guidelines thing.

  3. How do I stop this process? Right now, I feel as though this will go on forever. I have two bans so far and I’m worried about termination, but I’m not sure if these are strikes.

I appreciate all the help as this is very frustrating for this to happen to my work.

Roblox Message (“other??!”):

All info taken from here:

  1. Action is only taken after Roblox checks the copyright claim.
  2. There isn’t any mention of this strike system
  3. You can counter if the DMCA claim is invalid, but if you’re using copyrighted assets you should stop using those.

The screenshot you attached isn’t related to a DMCA claim. I’m guessing the name you commented out would explain why it isn’t allowed on Roblox…

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Oh ok, thanks for the information.

I edited the content out because of asset id: