Questions about game idea, help appreciated

I have decided to make a game called Snowball War, mainly becuase its easier to script and stuff. But, the issue is, will it maintain a good playerbase?

And would you play it?

  • I’d play it
  • I wouldn’t play it
  • Probably

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If you wouldn’t play it, please say why, it would help a ton. I’m abt to spend a LOT of resources on this game and I don’t wanna waste it .Also, the game’s feel is going to be like Base Battles, if you’te worried abt that


Its pretty much a shooter, excpet everything is replaced with snowballs, its also going to have simulator aspects, and bosses, like in Combat Warriors


Most ideas can thrive on Roblox if their execution is well done.

You need to know what target audience you are looking for. You can have a great idea for a game but no one will play it if it is not satisfying or immersive. An idea is just the start of a game, as good of an idea that game may be if the gameplay is not good then that is not a good game.

The idea of your game seems actually pretty fun if you make it satisfying and worth to play. I feel like it could be really fun to play if its made well but all that doesn’t weigh on the idea but it is how the game functions and looks.

I hope you have fun and have a wonderful time making the game, I hope it turns out well!:wave:


Thanks! It’s meant to be aesthetic like Vase Battles

i don’t like snowball fight games, this is the reason why i wouldn’t play.