Questions about how I should do a certain thing

So basically I have a script for every Character in my game

Usually averaging about 600 - 400 lines of code

And basically some of the characters in my game have a second form.
So I was wondering how I should do the scripting for the second form.

  • A: Keep it in the main script for that character(More code. Harder to read)
  • B: Put it in a different script(This would make it easier to read!)
  • C: Other(Explain)

So anyhow those are my questions!

IF I should move this to a different category tell me!

It’s generally bad practice to keep everything on one, singular, and very long script. I’d use handlers (other scripts) or module scripts for that. Including first forms. Basically B/C. I’d look into module scripts
You can store all the functions in the modules (OOP!) and store assets like instances elsewhere or within folders.

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