Questions about monetization

Hello, i want to make ads for my game but i have seen that people haven’t had good experiences using the Roblox ad system and that they invest too many robux on it

I would like to know effective promotion techniques that do not require an exaggerated amount of robux, also, i want to know how to monetize a game correctly if you don’t have many robux (i wanna invest 4k robux)

thank you guys!!!

When promoting, you need to make sure the game is friendly to new players, interactive, and fun. Keep in mind, games need to be capable of retaining players as well as maintain decent visit lengths. Advertising a game that is incapable of doing these two things is, more often than not, a waste of money.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend gathering a group of friends to test out the game before advertising it. This will show you how new players will interact with features in your game and how accessible they are.

As for the most effective way of promoting your game, I would recommend using social media platforms. Not only does this help you target a specific audience, but you have to worry a lot less about other games bidding millions of Robux through the native sponsoring system.

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As @ItsEGT stated, it is extremely important that your game can retain players, if your ad gets you 1 new player, your game should be able to retain that player until another joins, otherwise you will remain at 1 concurrent players.

Another hugely important detail, if you are advertising will low amounts of Robux (like you are), it is a good idea to shift the target audience you are advertising to. When advertising you can select who you want to advertise to (mobile/pc, male/female, etc.) You should choose the category that not only fits your game, but preferably also one that isn’t often advertised to, as the more competitors you have for adspace, the less your ad will be shown.

Hope this helps!