Questions about my game Evidence

First of all, i’m not 100% sure this is the correct section, is the first time i write this type of topic.

Hi everyone! I’m making a Detective style game called “Evidence”

The game is currently on Alpha 0.3.1 and i’m fixing some bugs, getting rid of useless scripts and editing/simplifing the game mechanics.

The game is about a detective/solo or group and will work like Phasmophobia

The problem is: I’m starting to think that my game could be really repetitive

The game has actually different mechanics that i’m still developing and fixing like:
Working Fingerprint Scanner with UV Rays
Working Syring/BloodPicker
Working DnaPicker
Working analyzer for them all

Also in next versions the game will have a database to compare Fingerprints with Police database to find the killer
A question system to the suspects and witnesses to get his personal infos
Also the possibility to have more than one killer
Not only murders but more like heists, serial killers, Criminal Societies and more

The game will work in this way:
Find evidences and analyzs them
Interrogate witnesses or suspects
Find the Killer/Robber/s
Arrest them

So now i’m here to ask to the whole community, what should i add to this game to make it less repetitive, what would you like to see that will let you say “Oh wow, Let’s get to work guys, justice never sleeps” and let you play this game more and more times?

I only have the “fear” of making a game like “mh, yeah liked this match, aight bye bye game Let’s play to something else”

What you’re concerned about is something referred to as “game burnout.” There’s typically 2 main reasons (of course, there’s more, but for the sake of simplicity I’m going to explain the most basic reasons.)

  1. Overplaying - this happens naturally with any game and is bound to happen to yours as well. After playing the game for x amount of time, the player is going to get bored. This is natural and should not be one of your major concerns.
  1. Repetition - as you stated in the original post, round-based mystery games tend to become repetitive after a certain amount of time.

The core features you described specific to your game can certainly be seen as repetitive especially considering how many core gameplay mechanics you have (4). Again considering the type of game you’ve created, I think your best solution is to interact with whatever community you may have grown out of this game and listen for feedback/suggestions that promote more tasks, objectives, goals and more. Some of these suggestions may be something you have considered in the past and disregarded, but if you’re stuck in a situation where people are getting bored of your game after a short amount of time playing – you may have to reconsider.