Questions about ScriptMate (Recommendations this time)

Hello! I’ve been pondering wether to buy ScriptMate or not. I dunno if it’s good for learning scripting, because i’ve been trying to learn scripting efficiently for a while now, but i can’t really understand the tutorials and i use the documents, which are pretty slow processes. Just want clarifications if ScriptMate is worth buying for efficient learning considering for, since i’ve been a bit eager to practice scripting projects for a while.

Different resources for different people. What may benefit others may not work for you, so you’d have to find something that fits your wants/needs. Programming also isn’t a “learn-under-an-hour!” sort of thing – it takes a while to understand the core concepts and whatnot.

Ngl the part of it that writes the code out for you is garbage for new programmers. It might be fine when you don’t want to type a bunch of crap out manually, but when starting out with programming I don’t think it’s a good resource, as it doesn’t seem to explain what all that code does (at least according to one of the screenshots on the page). It’d be better to do the research and experiment instead so you know what’s happening in your program.

[PLUGIN] ScriptMate - Learn to script now!

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meh, true…syntaxes take months of dedication, thats the key word. it’s the reason why i’m asking for recommendations for ScriptMate. though, i understand most code. It’s just hard to concept what code and how you code it.

aand i use the documents since i don’t understand the tutorials, and it takes soo long to progress.

What are the references you are using?

the official documents. (too lazy to buy the unofficial scripting book or whatever the name is so i turn to ScriptMate…)

That doesn’t tell me anything. What official documents? Official as in the Lua website or the Roblox devhub?

creator hub documents or whatever it’s called, i’m pretty sure.

I’m going to assume the devhub then. Have you started with the getting started page?
Introduction to Scripting | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

Where is your “level” currently at?

Idk, Last part of intermediate gameplay. Kinda off topic tho…i’m just trying to see if ScriptMate helps give you ideas about the code and make it a bit less tedious. I don’t really want to fully rely on the documents my entire scripting lessons.

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Welcome to programming.

I checked out one of the uploaded videos. It seems fine as a reference like every other Roblox programming tutorial. They kind of remind me of PeasFactory’s old videos except modernized.

You’re still going to have to reference documentation in your programming career though; it’s your biggest asset and ally. :wink:

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true, true. (did you really have to add the winky…)
i think the documents are better when you’re trying to see if you can use that code you’re looking for in your desired script, for me atleast. ScriptMate is probably great for learning a bit faster, and scripting projects are also a thing; they’re going to help you find ideas for code. But i can’t just base off a single opinio-

It would be better to experiment with different types of code and research. That way you can pick up on different ways to go about a problem ezpz. (And yes, the winky was necessary)

The ScriptMate tutorials seems fine for starting out, but seem to only get you started and familiar with X topic.

(it wasn’t neccesary, shut up-) Well, the basics are the literally fundamental to coding. So all in all, just give me a summary if i should buy it for my level of scripting.

In my opinion it’s not worth purchasing, because there’s plenty of free online tutorials you could use as resources.

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