Questions about using the Apple logo for my Apple store

Hi guys,

I want to create an Apple store but I fear that I may get in trouble for copyright infringement.

  • Is using the Apple logo on Roblox for a build allowed?

Sorry, I’m just not too familiar with copyright

Other people doing it doesn’t make it okay. It is using someone else’s IP and their logo. This could be taken down by a DMCA request that Apple could submit. My advice is, make a generic brand like what Nickelodeon did when they had Pear devices in their shows.


It wouldn’t be Roblox’s issue, it would be the game owner’s issue because Roblox will moderate their account most likely after getting a DMCA request and content delete the offending content. Don’t even risk it.

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It’s definitely that Apple has not filed a DMCA request against any games so far. Roblox can’t assume what access to content you have and they do not police content, so they often make the positive assumption that you have your licensing business in order.

If you receive a DMCA takedown notification directly, of course you’re expected to comply or follow due process in countering the claim. Same goes for if Roblox receives it, however they will comply by deleting your content and issuing you a copyright strike, potentially also a temporary suspension if deemed necessary.

Roblox has remedial programs to remove the strike as well as channels that you can go through if you wish to counteract a claim and have your content reinstated. They deal very minimally with party-party conflicts though and only comply with valid requests, they don’t mediate.

‘s applicable for UGC content as well - the implication is there, but people don’t think it is. You can receive takedown requests for using others’ content on Roblox without their permission.


Thank you everyone for your applies. Based on the responses, I believe it’s best to play it safe and use an alternative name but keep the same apple store ‘vibe’.