Questions about video game rules

I have some questions.

  1. Is gifting the same as trading. I am wondering this because in South Korea, you cannot trade virtual items.
  2. How would I fix my logo for my game, Pirates of the Dead Seas? In China, there cannot be skulls on video games and there is a skull in the game’s logo.
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No gifting is not the same your still allowed to gift items.
You can read more about it here


Just take away the skull or ban it from China.

Doesn’t have the same vibe though.

Maybe try adding crossing swords or something like that?

The problem is also I have a lot of skulls/skeletons in a cave.

Honestly, I would just keep the skulls in the caves. And have the logo be something different.


Where u from also why do you care about censorship’s in china?

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I am from Korea. Why are you asking.

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Im asking because I don’t even think Chinese people are allowed to Gon the internet meaning they can’t even play roblox legally

You can go onto the internet in China, there are some restrictions on the internet in China though. Roblox is currently working on bringing Roblox into China, I don’t know the exact details of it.