Questions for Sound Designers/ Composers of the Roblox Community

Hello all,

I’m @Mithrandir6440, an aspiring developer on the Roblox platform. As of right now, I haven’t published any ‘real’ games on the platform yet, but my fun castle-building game is set to release sometime in June :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:.

Anyhow, I’m considering investing in some equipment and software that will allow me to create original sound design on a professional level. If I can get it right, I hope to begin a career on the platform as a sound designer/ composer. I’ve been recording my own songs and SFX for a bit, but purchase of this equipment would allow me to do it on a professional level.

As we all know though… sound design mics, recording equipment, software, etc. isn’t necessarily cheap :slight_smile:. Before I take this leap, I would really appreciate if the sound designers of the Roblox community could answer a few questions I have about sound design.

  1. What software do you use to edit SFX?
  2. What software do you use to edit original compositions/ OST?
  3. In general, is the sound design business profitable for you?

Don’t feel like you have to the last one :slight_smile:. I appreciate any replies, or any additional advice you might have. Hope you all are enjoying your day.


If I were you, I would actually skip all recording. First of all, it will save you a lot of money, for buying all the equipment, two it will save you hours of work trying to perfect recordings. It also just sounds better, you don’t have to edit anything, and you have a ton more options for different sounds. I would say keep everything digital.

  1. None whatsoever, so don’t take what I say too seriously…
  2. same as 2
  3. I believe if you can get good it can very much be profitable, it might be harder than lets say making a game though, because the only way I really see you can earn from that is from commissions, but I guess it could still be very possible.

Fair enough, but lots of original sounds needs to be recorded and then mixed.

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For the first part, I always use Audacity to create SFX, which is sometimes prone and volatile to noise products that can be used for anything horror-themed.

For the second part, I use Logic Pro X which has a great design for optimal workflow(I guess). Apparently very easy to use after about 30 minutes into experimenting.

For the ultimate part, I do see the sound design business profitable, but the issue is the market isn’t quite looking there. Usually the assets are undervalued or underappreciated to the point that the contractee offers an outrageously low offer.

Sound design is fun overall and interesting with the right experience, knowledge and tools.


I see what you are saying, but you can make any “original sound” you ever want on a computer, it definitely does not need to be from an actual instrument. As I have said, I am not a super music man, but I just see trying to record for the most part not really necessary… @Operatik, do you record, or just make it all digital, or maybe even both?

Depends, recording may be used to sample sounds and then manipulated digitally. Majority of it is digital.

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Thanks so much, I already use audacity but I will check Logic Pro X out.

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Wait you use an Apple made program to make music? I highly doubt that.

I bet you use something like FL Studio or something better.

Is there a reason why you would doubt?

In the other hand, I would probably swap DAW to FL Studio if I believe there were some sounds to use from there.

Because Apple usually craps out on most products. :joy:

Logic Pro X is a tried-and-true DAW with countless accolades and has been represented by many successful producers/composers. While I kinda agree with your statement (lol), I don’t think that’s a reason to just discredit the DAW entirely.


Wait you use an Apple made program to make music? I highly doubt that. I bet you use something like FL Studio or something better.


Yeah your right.

What are you confused about?

You can’t just… deny that Op uses logic

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