Questions on clock gui

Hello. I have a clock so that the rotation is meant to sync to the real time of your device(ex. if it is 3:15, then it should rotate to the number), which doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve looked at the API for, but have had no luck. I have a video demonstrating this, and the script provided for examination.

local TimeInUnix = os.time()
local stringToFormat = “*t”
script.Parent.Rotation = script.Parent.Rotation + stringToFormat.hour * 6
local result =, TimeInUnix)
while wait(60) do
script.Parent.Rotation = script.Parent.Rotation + 6

robloxapp-20221030-1525137.wmv (341.4 KB)

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I have found an alternate solution. There is no need to reply to this post anymore.

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