Questions on Sponsoring Games

I’ve been working on a Tag Game, and I have been thinking about Sponsoring my game. Apparently, I have to use Ad Credit. When I look through other topics/articles on that, it says I have to do something to allow myself to do such thing.


  1. Does sponsoring games still work?
  2. If so, how do I sponsor my game?
  3. If it requires steps, what are the steps?
    4.4. If you’d like to try the game, heres the link: The Game

Please try and answer the questions as well as possible.
If you have any questions, I will try and answer them.

Yes sponsoring games still works, Roblox has no intend of removing that unlike User Ads.

Games are now sponsored at the Roblox Ads Manager. You’ll have to create a account there and then you can sponsor your games.

To advertise you’ll need something called Ad Credit. This can either be gotten by buying it with a credit card or by buying it with Robux.
The minimum amount of Ad credit you can buy is 10 Credits (which as of currently is worth 2.850 Robux)

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If you have more questions you can find all information here:

Why does sponsoring/advertising a game so expensive now?

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