Questions regarding Roblox ToS and regarding blood & gore

Ok so, I’ve been working on this blood/gore system module (which i’m planning to open-source) although i still have questions whether this type of content is appropriate for Roblox or not. This blood/gore system also have excessive amounts of blood (mentioned this just in case it has something to do with the question).

Here’s a preview:


There is a setting in which you can configure whether you could see the blood parts/particles or not. I’ve already made this setting auto set to false (meaning the blood won’t be displayed by the player on join until the player change it themselves) but I’m still paranoid that I won’t be able to distribute/use this blood/gore module I made.

I’ve tried searching devforum but none of the posts helped.



Let me give suggestion
i think the blood is too much for one kill maybe you should reduce it so it maybe less violent ?

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This blood/gore system will be an open-sourced module, meaning it’s up to the developer to configure the amount of blood, it’s just a demonstration on what it looks like.

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Whether or not if your game does have blood or gore and if it’s toggleable, it depends on how excessive and realistic you designed it to be. Even though blood and gore are seen in most games, such as Phantom Forces and Mortem Metallum, they have their blood particles or realism toned down to not be “too realistic”. As an example, Mortem Metallum (Formerly “Blood Flow”) used to be more violent, however, after getting their game removed and acknowledging the reason why their game was removed, they took the efforts to lessen and reduce the blood and gore. To summarize this reply, all I can say is that even with a toggleable feature, you would still need to modulate and limit the realism of the blood splatters (perhaps lessening the splatters) and take it down to using ParticleEmitters of some sort. Though to my knowledge, it may depend on the platform such as Xbox. Even so, they would put up a disclaimer before you publish/make changes to the platform accessibilities. So it’s best to not shrug them off.


On console, no blood is allowed so you won’t be able to release your game there.

I’m aware of that, I’ve also suggested developers who uses my module to not have blood/gore on console supported games